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Back At Full Strength

The clock is winding down. You can feel the tension. The stress begins to turn to hope. Then, the moment we’ve been waiting for arrives and is met with a familiar and welcomed proclamation:

“All Walleye are back in the Pond, Toledo is Back At Full Strength!

To be Back At Full Strength has always meant more than having all five skaters on the ice. It’s about hard work and effort and overcoming adversity with your team. And after more than 600 days without Walleye hockey in Toledo, being Back At Full Strength means more than just the return to the ice.

Back At Full Strength symbolizes the courage, toughness, and tenacity that each Toledoan possesses. It’s the mentality that we’re stronger today than we have ever been before. Back At Full Strength encapsulates not only our team, our fans, and the Huntington Center at 100% capacity, but it acknowledges the first responders, healthcare workers, and those on the frontline who helped get us to where we are today. Back At Full Strength means that while we’re looking ahead to our future, we’ll never forget where we've been.

To be Back at Full Strength means we have unfinished business to attend to, and we’ve never been more ready to take care of that business. We have a chip on our shoulders and we're going to show our opponents that we came to play. Back At Full Strength is the feeling of excitement, exhilaration, and relief each of you will feel when you walk through the doors of the Huntington Center this fall. It’s the feeling of coming home after being gone for so long.

We’re all here for one common goal this season – to win the Kelly Cup for you, our fans, who are so deserving of something to cheer for after being silenced for 16 months. When we set foot on the ice this November, we know you’ll bring it just as you always have. We’re Back At Full Strength because we have you behind us, cheering every goal, every save, every power play, every penalty kill, and every win.

And this season, when we successfully kill off an opponent’s power play and “All Walleye are back in the Pond, Toledo’s Back At Full Strength!” once again reverberates through a packed Huntington Center, take a second and reflect on what that means to you. Maybe even join in on the rally cry.

Today is not only the beginning of our new Back At Full Strength campaign, it’s the beginning of a new chapter for our team, our fans, and the entire Toledo community. And we wouldn’t want to write this chapter with anyone else.


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